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Law Enforcement

Identify, recruit and train a minimum of 5 full time anti-poaching teams and to equip them with the necessary skills and tools to effectively stop illegal poaching of wildlife in core areas of KNP.


Establish baseline population data for indicator species within the core area to:


a) Identify temporal and spatial trends allowing for more effective monitoring.


b) Determine effectiveness of interventions.

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Community Engagement

MC firmly believes that successful conservation relies on integrating local communities and rural livelihoods with wildlife and habitat restoration, preservation and eco-tourism. Therefore, it is of utmost importance that the project is engaged with adjacent communities and that benefits are extended to them; at the very least, this must be employment and training opportunities.

Women Empowerment 

The Kafue landscape is in its relative infancy in championing change in empowering women, and we are delighted to play a role in improving this. Throughout 2021 the projects first female officers proved their capabilities in the field and equally in other departments. 

In 2021 the 2 female officers had the opportunity to visit North Luangwa Conservation Programme (NLCP), which has made significant developments in empowering female rangers, many of which are integral members of the team today. 

We are committed to equal opportunities and have invested in upgrading our facilities to cater to this. 

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Wildlife and
Habitat Management 

One of the greatest threats to the gKNP at large is the prolific and uncontained/uncontrolled burning that affects almost 90% of the park on an annual basis. The ML-IPZ is approximately 2,700km2 - 60% of this area was affected by fire in 2021. 

We aim to reduce the area affected by fire and each year create and maintain many km's of firebreaks. In 2021 we were able to protect 20% of the core areas of the ML IPZ from fire. 

Stakeholder Engagement 

One of the greatest assets to KNP is the diversity of stakeholders and their ability to work together as cooperating partners for the greater good of conservation.

This is an exception to the rule across the conservation landscape in Africa however we are fortunate to work with fantastic organizations in and around the KNP, including African Parks, Panthera, Game Rangers International and the Zambia Carnivore Programme.

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