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Our Story

The Founders of Musekese Conservation have a long history of working in KNP in various capacities and have spent many years building relationships with the DNPW, Tourism Operators and Local Communities based on the core principles of commitment, trust and respect.


Both Founders, Phil Jeffery & Tyrone McKeith (Conservationists and Professional Safari Guides) are graduates of the Durrell Institute for Conservation and Ecology (DICE) and together have over twenty years’ experience working in KNP in many different capacities, from guide training and lodge management to working with the Department of National Parks and Wildlife (DNPW) in developing the current Park Management Plans.


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In 2018 the construction of the Anti-Poaching Unit APU for Musekese Conservation begun, now the APU is fully equipped with a Radio Tower, Solar Power, Accommodation for up to 4 teams of scouts on a rotational basis. We have developed strong relationships with the DNPW, Panthera, Zambian Carnivore Program (ZCP) and Game Rangers International, and are able to provide support on the ground in order to assist with their specific objectives where necessary and achieve greater coverage across the enormous landscape that is Kafue National Park.

We hope that as we grow we will be able to fund additional law enforcement teams at the Anti-Poaching Unit. We consistently work to refine our approach and activities and better improve our outreach and relationships with stakeholders within the Kafue National Park.


We also hope to develop an ecological center for research, conservation and training with a primary focus on the empowerment of local people from areas adjacent to the Kafue National Park.

We also hope to develop an ecological center for research and conservation.

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