The Work.


The primary objective of Musekese Conservation is to secure core areas of the Kafue National Park from illegal and unsustainable utilization and we are working with the DNPW and other exceptional organizations to achieve a number of goals.

Short Term Goals

  • Establish a permanent anti-poaching/law enforcement base in one of five identified safe zones
  • Facilitate the training of Wildlife Police Officers and Community Scouts.
  • Outfit patrol teams with vital equipment, uniform etc.
  • Contributing to the rollout of digital radio systems across the KNP.
  • Implement the Spatial Monitoring & Reporting Tool (SMART) for all patrol teams and law enforcement activities within the Safe Zone.
  • Engage with adjacent communities and establish the foundations for a positive relationship.

Further Goals

Medium and long-term goals include the formation of a guide training facility and ecological centre for research and conservation, the establishment of community education and outreach programmes, and the reinforcement of other Safe Zones throughout KNP within the framework of DNPW and alongside fellow conservation organizations.

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