The Change.

Recent News

31st January 2018

Musekese Conservation receives its first donations for operations in the Kafue National Park with DNPW. The donation of a 4x4 vehicle from JM Safaris and two boats will greatly assist with deployments of patrol teams in the surrounding areas.

JM Safaris will also provide access to a private aircraft for aerial support and reconnaissance, such as pinpointing the location of fires, carcasses, poaching camps, etc. Exciting times ahead!

12th January 2018

Musekese Conservation is pleased to announce that it has received its endorsement from the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Tourism and Arts to begin providing support to the Ministry in relation to wildlife protection. Special mention must be made to DNPW for making this this possible and Musekese Conservation looks forward to working with DNPW to strengthen site security in the Kafue National Park.

Recent Successes


Over 400 man-days of patrols


Suspects apprehended


Shotguns recovered


Kilograms of illegal bush meat recovered


Over 80 snares, 14 bicycles & 24 shotgun shells recovered


Assisted desnarings

These figures are merely a snapshot of what is possible with the right support and motivation; we will keep these stats regularly updated and we expect an initial, steep rise as our support and patrol coverage increases, however as we assist DNPW in becoming more effective we hope to see a sharp decline.

Nonetheless the success of conservation efforts will be measured not only in this way but through the setting of wildlife targets with DNPW and other stakeholders; only when we see wildlife numbers increasing alongside the reduction in poaching will we know that we are succeeding and that communities will have a greater opportunity to benefit from this incredible resource.