The Support.


In a combined effort to support DNPW in Kafue National Park we work alongside some fantastic organizations, including Panthera, the Zambian Carnivore Programme and Game Rangers International.

This year Musekese Conservation will be working with Panthera to implement the Spatial Monitoring and Reporting Tool (SMART) in the Musekese-Lumbeya area. This specially designed law enforcement monitoring tool was developed by Panthera as part of a consortium of NGO’s (please see the SMART website here and provides a platform for collecting and analyzing spatial and temporal information to measure, evaluate and improve the effectiveness of wildlife law enforcement patrols.

For more information on the SMART programme please refer to Panthera’s website here

SMART is already in use in the Kafue National Park and provides information to quantitatively evaluate effectiveness of patrols, understand the distribution of poaching activities and poaching hotspots, and guide the best use of patrolling effort. All data from SMART will be compiled and provided to DNPW to inform their management decisions and conservation action plans for the Kafue National Park.

Together with Panthera and DNPW, Musekese Conservation will also be supporting the staged roll out of a digital radio network for Kafue National Park. Communication is an essential tool for successful law enforcement operations and a digital radio network has the ability to provide immediate communication over large areas of the Park therefore supporting patrol teams with situational information in real time. This will improve efficiency, motivation and ultimately safety of all patrol teams in the field. In addition, because the radio network allows for DNPW to monitor the whereabouts of the patrol teams in real time response times to poaching events or emergency situations are considerably reduced.

Musekese Conservation supports law enforcement efforts in and around Kafue National Park, which goes beyond the initiatives in the Musekese-Lumbeya area. Such efforts include the provision of financial support, along with Wilderness Safaris, Mukambi Safaris and Namib Sky, towards aerial and ground patrols for DNPW Wildlife Police Officers over the Busanga Plains by Ntengu Safaris, who primarily protect the Kasonso Busanga Game Management Area that borders north western Kafue. Funding for fuel, rations and other resources is necessary for effective law enforcement and this is paramount to continued success in these remote areas.

Other organizations that Musekese Conservation would like to continue to support include Panthera, the Zambian Carnivore Programme, and the Kafue Conservation Project (Game Rangers International) to name but a few. We urge you to have a look at the important work that these exceptionally worthwhile organizations do.

Local Partners

Our local partners are organisations with whom we work with in various capacities for the greater good of Kafue National Park and conservation in Zambia in general; this includes the sharing of data and information, resources, technical expertise, knowledge and experience.