Be Good.

Whilst Jeffery & McKeith Safaris endeavors to cover the administrative costs of Musekese Conservation the success of projects relies mostly on external funding and charitable donations. If you would like to make a tangible difference to one of Africa’s last true great wilderness areas then please visit our Just Giving page.

Donations can be made in the form of direct monetary contributions or in-kind support, such as building blocks, patrol equipment etc. If you would like to contribute to a particular project, cause or item directly then please do not hesitate to specify this and we will ensure that 100% of your contributions go towards the cause. Below are just a few examples of the funds we are raising money towards:


Camping equipment, per person.


Rations, per person, per month.


Cost of uniform, per person.


Medical supplies, per person, per month.

If you would like a full breakdown of where your contributions can go towards then please contact us at

A Message To The Donors

We are incredibly grateful for the support offered to Musekese Conservation and the Kafue National Park by the people and organisations listed below - it could not be done without you. For all the anonymous donors out there, thank you.

We apologise if anyone has been left off this list, and if you or your organisation has been excluded then please send us an email and we’ll put it right! Likewise, if you would rather not have your name or organisation appear then please get in contact.

Ian S, Patricia Burns, Anthony Reed-Jones, David & Rhona, Richard & Lesley Jeffery, Arthur, Tony McKeith, Marc Lottig, Frances Chapman, David & Jeanette Bax, Paul Irving, Kit Boey, Andrew Houston, Penny & Mike Daly, Jo Pope, Lesley Pritt, Calum McGregor, Simon & Mandy Martyn, Charity & Nol VD Meer, Phil Jeffery, Tyrone McKeith.

Bob Smith, Matthew Hacking, Douglas Flynn, Nathalie Vignard, Alex Paul, Helen Emerson, Joanna Powell, Jacqueline Ellis, John Dereix , Ellen Chapman, Luke Dalby, Bryony Miller, Jennifer Williams, Debra Ware, Frans Schurs, Nicholas Hodgson, Isabelle Defourney, Annie Woodhouse, Alex Nichols.

Please contact us if you would like to make a contribution to conservation in KNP or alternatively you can head to our Just Giving Page.